Historic Baseball Ballpark
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A Gem Among Hotels Near Fenway Park

Catch a Red Sox Game Within Walking Distance

Experience a standout among hotels near Fenway Park, within walking distance from the action.

Just a few blocks from The Colonnade Hotel is one of Boston's most prominent historical landmarks, Fenway Park, home to the legendary Boston Red Sox. Named America's Most Beloved Ballpark, Fenway Park is located on Lansdowne Street just a few blocks from The Colonnade. This baseball club has a storied past and is one of the most popular sporting clubs in the nation. Fenway Park opened in April 1912 and while the park has experienced many improvements, including high-definition viewing screens, it remains much like the way it opened. 

As an upscale and convenient option among hotels close to Fenway Park, The Colonnade Hotel offers easy access to Boston's official spring-and-summer pastime. Stay comfortable in our recently renovated accommodations and make the easy walk over to the Fens to catch the Sox in action!

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