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Discover A Dining Experience Like No Other

Brasserie JO prides itself on being one of the best restaurants in Boston as inclined in our Boston restaurant reviews. In an attempt to offer a sophisticated atmosphere reminiscent of an authentic French brasserie, our chefs have created a variety of menu options that are sure to please every palate. For an inside look on what it’s truly like to dine with us, view our gallery and read reviews of Boston restaurants from our guests before immersing yourself in flavorful fare at Brasserie JO.

“My husband and I spent two weeks in Paris for our honeymoon last summer. For his birthday last weekend we decided to recreate the Paris experience in Boston, and ended up having dinner at Brasserie Jo. We had been here for breakfast a couple of times (always fantastic) so we were excited to try it for dinner. The experience exceeded our expectations. We never expected to find a brasserie in the United States that made us feel like we were back in Paris. Brasserie Jo came close.” – Grace E.

“Luxe. Fresh. Elegant. Best breakfast crepe I've had in city, par none. Delicious OJ. Comfy cappuccino in the perfect Parisian glass mug. Classic ambiance. Incredible service.” – Cliff H.

“Brasserie Jo puts the oh la la back into French Bistro dining. There is an abundance of French infused dining in the city, but maintaining a classic in Boston is exactly what a girl needs to satisfy any Parisian craving for classic French fare.” – Stephanie Elena G.

“I've always had a superb dining experience at Brasserie Jo: the service is attentive and the pommes frites and floating island (merengue covered in toasted almonds in a pool of vanilla creme sauce) has never failed to impress.” – Melinda J.